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EliteHerd Pro Module

EliteHerd Pro module facilitates management of nucleus-bred sows and boars, their pedigrees and inbreeding levels, recording of reproductive events, use of artificial insemination across several herd units, and on-farm management of individual progeny testing and selection. It was created to meet specific herd recording requirements of nucleus breeding farms in New Zealand and Australia and is widely used in both countries. It can be closely integrated with a range of external best linear unbiased prediction (BLUP) engines such as PEST and PIGBLUP for multi-trait, multi-herd genetic evaluation, allowing across-herd performance comparisons and genetic trends analysis. EliteHerd Pro can export progeny test and reproductive data for BLUP analysis as well as import EBVs generated by those BLUP engines. The export/import process is fully automated and can be customised by the users. This fully featured farm information system can be used to manage both nucleus and commercial breeding and growing herds.

EliteHerd screenshots