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Our products

EliteHerd is a software package that facilitates management of the pig breeding and grower herd records and provides powerful tools for data entry and reporting. It has wide range of breeding and grower herd management reports and analytical tools, designed to monitor the complete herd performance and diagnose and control production issues. It allows across-herd performance benchmarking, analysis of key herd performance parameters, production costs, income levels and profit margins, and charting of all herd performance parameters. EliteHerd is, what we believe, the most advanced pig management system in the world to date.

Our services

Genetic Solutions Limited offers a wide range of services in the areas of project management, statistical analysis, genetic improvement, breeding strategy advice, and professional database design.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Strategies for genetic improvement
  • Genetic parameter estimation
  • Estimation of breeding values
  • Breeding index design
  • Statistical analysis
  • Project management
  • Design of database applications to capture, store and retrieve information
  • Contact and customer management solutions using Act! database systems - design, implementation, training and support.
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Genetic Solutions Limited is a privately owned software development and farm advisory company with extensive expertise in the design, development and distribution of specialised farm management software. The company provides consultancy services, technical support and advice in managing genetic...

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Entering some data into converted farm Wow - I just love this program so far so good, no hassles. Put farrow/pig deaths/wean/mate/pregnancy test, etc. The program is so user friendly and quicker to enter data and what a powerful tool with the drilling down features etc. When first heard that we were changing over programs was a bit (quite a bit actually) worried, but that was painless and enlightening due to your support and feeling confident that any hassles we have, we get continued support so we don't have to worry great !!!!

- Lorraine Australian Pork Farms

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